Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years to help restore balance and health.

Good nutrition is the foundation of the body’s ability to heal and recover one’s health.

Through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, one cultivates relaxation and strengthens the chi.

Oriental and western herbal medicine offer a long tradition of benefit without side effects.


To prevent illness and to heal illness is acupuncture’s purpose. Utilizing acupuncture to return balance and health has been practiced in the orient for thousands of years. Through an in-depth evaluation of listening to the pulse, abdominal palpation and understanding your health and lifestyle issues, I plan a treatment program with you for restoring health and well being. Acupuncture can significantly help with stress, speeding recovery from injury, various men’s and women’s issues including colds, flus, insomnia, digestive problems, menopause, infertility, damp-heat in the prostate, fatigue and much more.

Herbal Medicine

Oriental and western herbal medicine offer a wealth of wisdom and benefit for improving health and healing. Herbs to improve immune function, vitality, resilience and healing response are available. When prescribed appropriately, they can help significantly with stress, fatigue, injury healing, sinus infections, hot flashes, stamina, headaches, cramps, allergies, indigestion, constipation, and much more.


Healthy nutrition is the cornerstone of the body’s ability to heal and to recover one’s health. By using whole foods in one’s daily diet and eating in a balanced way, one can heal more easily and completely. We know from science that nutrients support a healthy stress response and thus a resilient immune system. Nutrient dense foods help to rebuild and renew the body. We know that good nutrition can help people to lose weight when appropriate. Often, clarifying food sensitivities and eliminating certain foods from the diet is paramount to regaining energy and well being.

Tai Chi Chuan

The Way of Longevity
I’ve taught and practiced Tai Chi for over 38 years. Tai Chi is at once a soft therapy and a martial art that is practiced in slow continuous movements. In the orient, health and longevity depends upon how vital our chi is and most of all how relaxed we are. Through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, one cultivates relaxation, longevity and fortifies the chi. One gains a state of deep well being that nourishes one’s health in body, mind and spirit by reducing daily stress.


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