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Recovering Balance

Acupuncture treatments help you to return balance in your body, mind, and spirit.  The needles don’t hurt!

Balance is the key!  

When acupuncture is combined with eating well, learning how to relax, and loving yourself,

the foundation of your health is discovered. 

Herbal medicine can also play a part in your “feeling good again”!  

Lessons in Tai Chi Ch’uan can help you to protect yourself from falling and injury

Are you concerned about protecting yourself from falling?

I teach simple, easy to learn, effective Tai Chi exercises that strengthen your ability to walk with confidence and ease. 

The benefits of Tai Chi have stood the test of time!

                For 31 years, Larry Welsh has practiced acupuncture, healing with food, and Tai Chi Ch’uan. 

About Larry

Larry loves giving people their first acupuncture treatment allowing people to feel immediate relief from their health challenges and lasting change over the course of treatment. [ Read More … ]